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If you have received a traffic ticket, it's easy to assume that you should just plead guilty, pay the fine, and get on to moving on with your life. As reasonable as this decision may seem, it can have disastrous consequences for your finances and driving privileges. Simply pleading guilty without qualification leaves you vulnerable to restrictions on or outright revocation of your license, as well as massive increases in auto insurance premiums. As a speeding ticket attorney practice in Warsaw, Thompson & Thompson protects your reputation, your money, and your right to drive.

Pleading guilty to speeding tickets or other traffic violations in North Carolina without the benefit of legal representation could result in a suspension of your privilege to drive in the State of North Carolina or it could cause your insurance premiums to increase as much as 340% for three years.

The Thompson & Thompson traffic lawyer team has a keen understanding of North Carolina driving laws. By examining every detail of your offense, we may be able to:

  • Dismiss the Charges- Though rare, it is sometimes possible to have the charges against you thrown out completely. This is most likely if the police officer who cited you cannot substantiate that you broke the law.
  • Take Advantage of Traffic School- We can significantly reduce the number of points against your license if you agree to take defensive driving classes. This may also limit insurance rate increases.

If you're reeling from a traffic ticket and aren't sure what to do next, Thompson & Thompson is happy to discuss next steps with you. Simply schedule a consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer at our firm; that lawyer will review your specific charge, let you know what the stakes are, and discuss your options for defending yourself. The more quickly you act, the more likely you are to avoid the worst consequences of a ticket.

Don't leave yourself vulnerable to excessive punishment. Contact Thompson & Thompson today for a traffic lawyer who will stick by your side.

Here are a few examples of insurance points and rate increases:Professional Speeding Ticket Lawyer In Warsaw NC - Thompson & Thompson, P.C. - traffic

  • Reckless Driving carries 4 insurance points with a 80% rate increase for three years;
  • Driving While License Revoked/Suspended carries 8 insurance points with a 190% rate increase for three years; and
  • Driving While Impaired carries 12 insurance points with a 340% rate increase for three years.

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Thompson & Thompson P.C. is a father, son law firm located in the town of Warsaw, Duplin County, North Carolina. We have been serving Duplin County NC and the surrounding areas for more than 60 years with the highest standard of legal services.

If you're looking for a Speeding Ticket Lawyer serving Warsaw, there's only one name to trust - Thompson & Thompson! Contact us today if you've gotten a traffic ticket to receive expert legal representation with a FREE initial consultation.

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