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Civil Litigation

Our Firm Specializes in Civil Litigation in Warsaw, NC and Surrounding Areas.

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. We represent our clients in trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediation before administrative agencies in all federal, state, and local courts.

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Civil Litigation Attorneys Help You Settle Disputes In and Out of Court Rooms 

There are many circumstances in which legal disputes require civil litigation. If there is a discrepancy between a landlord and a tenant, they might settle it in civil litigation. Neighbors who are fighting over a piece of property might hire civil litigation attorneys to help them settle the matter. 

Civil litigation cases do not involve criminal charges, so there tends to be less drama. People usually dispute over money, property, or something similar and need a court’s ruling to put their dispute to rest. 

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Common Civil Litigation Cases include:

  • Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Personal Injury cases
  • Breach of Contract
  • Negligence Cases
  • Explosions
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What is the Process of a Civil Law Case?

The process of civil litigation can be a long and grueling one. Having an attorney who is well versed in civil litigation will not only make the process go faster, but it will also be easier on you and your family. 

First, someone who is wishing to pursue a civil law case against someone else or a corporation must bring it to the attention of a civil litigation attorney like us at Thompson and Thompson Law Firm. Our attorney will hear your case and decide whether it is worth pursuing. If it is, we will walk you through the next steps in civil litigation. 

From there, we move into the investigation phase exercising and implementing all of our resources to build a solid defense in your favor including private investigators, reaching out to any established connections we have, and more. This is also when the other party is made aware of the civil case against them.

Then we move into pleadings where both parties will detail their sides of the story. After pleadings is the discovery process which involves extensive research into the case and any other case examples that will help our client win the civil suit. 

The case then moves into pre-trial where both parties have an opportunity to negotiate and reach resolution. If resolution cannot be met in pre-trial, the case moves into trial before a judge and sometimes a jury. At this point, we will have a strong case established to get you the best possible outcome.

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We Provide Trustworthy Legal Services to Duplin County and the Surrounding Areas

Our experience and expertise help our clients get the best advice and representation and give us our well-deserved reputation. Our firm serves clients as a general practice with individual lawyers practicing in specific areas of law throughout Warsaw, Kenansville, Wallace, Beulaville, and all of Duplin County, as well as the surrounding areas in North Carolina.