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Criminal Law

When Your Innocence Hangs in the Balance of Your Case, Hire Warsaw, NC's Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

Have you been arrested, charged, or accused of a felony or misdemeanor? Thompson and Thompson is the experienced law firm you want in your corner fighting for your innocence. With a deep understanding of how the prosecuting office thinks, works, and investigates in criminal cases including drugs, DUI/DWIs, burglary and theft, weapons and firearms, trespassing, and even murder, we can build you a solid defense. 

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Have You Been Charged with a DUI/DWI?

If you were pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, It is critical that you contact us as quickly as possible. All interactions, evidence, and information from the moment you’re pulled over matter in these kinds of cases and it is necessary to have an organized record of all of it. We will investigate the reason for the traffic stop to begin with and then leave no stone unturned through trial. Remember that a poorly defended DUI or DWI can last on your record forever. Make the smart decision by contacting us as soon as possible in your drunk or impaired driving case. 

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Are You Facing Charges for a Drug-Related Crime?

North Carolina, especially in Duplin County, has very low tolerance for drugs, making these kinds of cases difficult for just ordinary defense attorneys to defend. This combined with busts that aren’t always by the book can lead to corruption, coercion, and even entrapment in your case. Our drug crime lawyers will ensure your case and everyone involved followed the very strict guidelines they were supposed to follow. If we find any deviation or errors, we capitalize on them in your trial and submit a request for case dismissal. The bottom line is that you need aggressive and tenacious defense lawyers like the ones at Thompson and Thompson Law Firm behind you to prove your innocence.

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Hire the Ruthless Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys in Warsaw, NC to Defend Your Case

If you’re looking for a felony defense attorney in Duplin County, chances are you’re in a tough situation and in desperate need of guidance. We will walk with you through your case to determine what the best approach is and begin building a solid defense for the charges you face. It is important to remember that you are presumably innocent until you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Whether you were supposedly involved in a violent crime, crimes involving weapons and firearms, abuse or sex crime charges, or something equally as serious, we are the team of defense attorneys you should turn to. Contact us as soon as you are made aware of the charges against you to give us as much time as possible to prepare a solid defense for your case.

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Property Crimes Can Come with Hefty Charges and Require You to Hire Forceful Defense Attorneys

Whether you are charged with theft, larceny, burglary, or some other variation of property crimes, you will undoubtedly need someone with deep knowledge and understanding of the law to defend your case. Obviously, the severity of your case will depend on the charge and your record leading up to that, but we will do our best to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. This is especially important for your future, especially when it comes to employment and housing. Let us protect you in your property crime case and try to get you the best possible outcome.

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Hire Warsaw, NC’s Most Trusted and Established Law Firm

Thompson and Thompson Law firm has been in practice since 1968. That’s more than half a century of legal experience behind us, all of which is used to defend your case. When you’re facing criminal charges in Warsaw, Kenansville, or the surrounding areas in Duplin County, remember that there is only one choice when it comes to hiring the best defense attorney around. Contact us to discuss your case and start building your defense today!

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We Provide Trustworthy Legal Services to Duplin County and the Surrounding Areas

Our experience and expertise help our clients get the best advice and representation and give us our well-deserved reputation. Our firm serves clients as a general practice with individual lawyers practicing in specific areas of law throughout Warsaw, Kenansville, Wallace, Beulaville, and all of Duplin County, as well as the surrounding areas in North Carolina.