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Real Estate

Hire a Top-Rated Real Estate and Foreclosure Attorney in Warsaw, NC and the Surrounding Areas

When you are purchasing real estate, a good attorney is an essential part of your team. You need an attorney to search the title and look for potential liens or other encumbrances. These services eliminate worry and potential future problems for the buyer. Thompson and Thompson has decades of experience in legal real estate matters.

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We Provide Sound Legal Advice and Services for All Kinds of Real Estate Situations

No matter what kind of real estate you’re involved with, Thompson and Thompson can help. We work with buyers and sellers in Warsaw, Kenansville, and the surrounding areas in Duplin County, NC  to make sure real estate transactions and legalities go smoothly. 

Land Contracts:
As a seller or a buyer of a land contract, you enter into a contract with the purchaser or seller that spreads the payments of the home or building out over a designated period of time. Oftentimes, land contracts come with complicated fine print in the contracts that become overwhelming to someone who doesn’t review them often. Thompson and Thompson can help by providing guidance to both buyers and sellers. 

Purchase Agreements:
We will help sellers draw up purchase agreements and buyers review them to ensure you are in agreement with what is being sold or purchased and there are no unwanted surprises. Since this is a legally binding document, it is important to have our attorneys look at it before anything is signed. 

As another legal document that is transferred during the sale of a home, we will help you understand the difference between quick claim deeds, warranty deeds, and covenant deeds. We will also help you identify if there are any liens or encumbrances on a piece of property before the deed is transferred so you don’t also have those unexpectedly transferred.


Thompson and Thompson Defense Attorneys Will Help You Understand Your Foreclosure Status and Your Options

If you have received a foreclosure notice from your bank or lender, it’s time to hire an experienced foreclosure defense attorney to help you avoid your home from being taken away from you. We will help you file all of the necessary paperwork and potentially file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if you need it.

Fight for your property; hire the determined defense attorneys at Thompson and Thompson to do everything in our power to save your home from foreclosure. 

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We Provide Trustworthy Legal Services to Duplin County and the Surrounding Areas

Our experience and expertise help our clients get the best advice and representation and give us our well-deserved reputation. Our firm serves clients as a general practice with individual lawyers practicing in specific areas of law throughout Warsaw, Kenansville, Wallace, Beulaville, and all of Duplin County, as well as the surrounding areas in North Carolina.